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VP featured in newly published book written by YouTube's own Nalts.



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About The Girl Behind The Camera



Before becoming YouTube's "VenetianPrincess," VP always had a passion for all aspects of the performing arts.  As a child, she grew up in Massachusetts performing in numerous plays and musicals.  She was also acting in feature films as well as several national commercials.  At home, she started directing and acting in her own home movies, starting at the age of 8 when her Dad bought her first video camcorder.  

VP credits her mom for enriching her childhood with the arts.   She studied voice, dance, and musical theater there from the age of 5 to 17.  Also, during and after high school, she studied opera at the South Shore Conservatory of Music as well as the New England Conservatory of Music.  

Volunteering as a teacher's assistant at a local performing arts school, VP discovered and embraced her love of working with children. "I think I have a connection with kids, because I'll always be one at heart."  She explains.  VP went on to direct a modified version of the children's classic "The Secret Garden" with her own original musical score.


In 2006, VP discovered the then-new website, "YouTube."  At that time, it had just started reaching popularity. At first, she would use the site to upload audition videos, and then eventually decided to go back to her roots and create home movies.  Her videos included full-on fantasy adventures with elaborate costumes, as well as original noir period pieces.  As a child, she shared her creations with an audience of 4 or 5 family members or friends.  She had no idea that one day her videos would be reaching over 380 million people across the globe.

By 2007, VP's videos had become very popular and her subscriber base was growing.  It was that year that YouTube was purchased by Google and VP was personally invited to be part of an exclusive group of selected YouTubers chosen to partner with Google. This small group of people were given the ability to generate revenue from ads placed above their videos.

At that time, VP was working as a college administrative assistant.  Flash forward a year, and her videos were turning into a successful profession. The partnership program had quickly evolved, proving the VenetianPrincess channel to be a successful brand in itself. Because of this, VP made the decision to leave the college, so that she could focus on her new growing business.  

2008 was the year she changed her video content into what was then a new online video genre- music video parodies.  This was the perfect niche for her, as she could now produce content where she would act, write her own lyrics, AND sing.  After her first parody of Miley Cyrus' "7 Things" was featured on the front page of YouTube, it quickly went viral with 20 million views.  As the video was being shared by millions across social networks, she quickly started shooting up the charts. With the support of her viewers, she ended up surpassing Disney star Miley Cyrus and becoming the #1 most subscribed female in the world.  This is a title she held for over 2 years, making her the longest standing female ever to hold the #1 spot.



Today, VP’s YouTube channel has nearly 1 million registered subscribers and her videos have over 380,000,000 views.  One of her original music videos was the pre-installed video on several models of Samsung mobile phones, and she has been written about in 3 nationally published books and featured in numerous national and international magazines including Forbes and People.  Forbes named her as one of the Top Careers Launched Via YouTube.

One of VP's biggest priorities is keeping her videos fun for people of all ages.  "I can't express how grateful I am to have a career that I truly love.  I get to connect with people all around the world.  People watch me in their offices, schools, homes, etc.  I am truly blessed to have such a large platform to reach people."

VenetianPrincess has produced and starred in nationally & internationally distributed commercials for MTV, HBO, Universal Pictures, Universal Studios, Heineken, Nestlé, FOX, Kelloggs, and many other major brands.    

As an extension of her Youtube channel, VP owns a successful New Media Production company.  In 2011, her company signed a partnership with Sony Music, and she officially became a Sony ATV artist.  

VP resides with her husband, cat, and three dogs (three are rescues).  Outside of her videos, she is passionate about animal rescue and historical houses.  Her spare time includes decorating, antiquing, and watching old hollywood films.


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VenetianPrincess has produced and distributed commercials for MTV, HBO, Universal Pictures, Universal Studios, Nestlé, FOX, Kelloggs, Toyota, and many other major brands.


  • With about 1 million registered subscribers, The VP channel has been ranked as the longest standing #1 female on YouTube for about three years
  • VP's videos have received over 380 million views.
  • VP's "7 Things Guys Don't Have To Do" video was named one of the top 10 viral videos of 2008 by PC World Magazine.
  • VP's music video for her original song "Somewhere Else" is the default video on all Samsung Behold mobile phones.  The phone was released in November 2008, and is sold at major retail stores including; Walmart, Target, and Best Buy.
  • VP is written about in three nationally published books, and numerous highly circulated magazines around the globe.